Growth Matrix Overview

12 Week Course

Growth Matrix releases videos on a weekly basis. Perform the exercises in the video as the weeks progress. You will be given live demonstrations on how to perform each exercise.

Difficulty Levels

We will start you out with some beginner exercises. As you go through the program, we will provide more advanced exercises that the professionals use.

Bonus Routines

Get bonus routines to help increase your size. We also provide helpful tips for you to guide you while taking this course.

Measurement Tracker (Optional)

Take pictures of your measurements throughout the course so that you can keep track of gains.

Practice Makes Perfect

Watch the videos as many times as needed to prefect these exercises. Follow along with the instructions and make note of any tips that may help you.

State-Of-The-Art Video Player

All videos play directly online in an HTML5 Video Player. No installations are required!

Course Preview

Growth Matrix Overview