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4.8/5 based on 358 reviews

4.8/5 based on 358 reviews

“I now have a whopping 9 inch cock!”

“My penis has grown 4 inches over the course of just over 8 months. I now have a whopping 9 inch cock and am getting laid more than ever. Thank you Ryan for making this possible.”

~ Tony K.

“To my surprise, it actually does work!”

"I was struggling primarily with control. At first I did a deep dive on the internet, and everybody was saying it won’t work. To my surprise, it actually does work. My member after several weeks began to feel stronger and larger. The exercises were well explained and easy to follow. I have now completed my program, and I am now experimenting with the more advanced techniques. I feel that with these exercises I have more control on when I want to ejaculate. I think if you are honest with yourself and consistent with the program you will have success. I mainly now do it 1 day on 1 day off. This way I give my body time to rest. In conclusion the program helped me be more in control and added a little size to my member 😉”

~ Anonymous

“I’ve hit 7” in length and 5.8” in girth!”

“This program works. I was able to see a difference in the first week and took measurements regularly, during this time I used a pump once just to see how much the program affected the volume of blood I can hold down stairs and I’ve hit 7 inches in length and 5.8 in girth, I purposely kept this a secret from my girlfriend and the second she saw it she wasn’t able to keep herself away and I’m only beginning the 3rd week so there is absolutely going to be more gains made and absolutely more stretching” ;)

~ Fabi

“A noticeable change in my cock!”

“Still new to the program, but dedicated to continuing. It's been 2-weeks and there is a noticeable change in my cock - it is more filled now, slightly larger. I've seen 1/2 inch-3/4 inch in length gain and girth is certainly getting larger. Was hoping for more, but if the enlargement keeps pace - It will be an inch in a month....that will be awesome! Thanks Ryan.

~ JC

“5.5” to 6”

“Hi all! Gone from 5.5 inches to 6 on the way to more improvements.”

~ David

“Helped me with my confidence and improved my sex life!”

“Almost done with the growth matrix course and must say I am very satisfied with the results. I am currently 2.5 inches bigger and also my girth has grown. This has really helped me in my confidence and improve my sex life.”

~ Anonymous

“Getting harder than I have in years!”

“I started to notice a little bit of growth over the last couple days. A little thicker and a little more length. Not much but enough to notice. I have a girlfriend who is back east and we haven't been able to try it out but I have to masturbate for now and I have noticed more thickness especially and I've been getting harder than I have in years. I have suffered from major ED problems. And haven't been able to get it hard enough to cum, so I had to use a vibrator to get me off. I have actually masturbated twice in the last two days with pleasure I haven't felt in an age. I have many toys until my baby gets here and the last couple of days have been very explosive.”

~ Anonymous

“... growing longer and thicker!”

“Everything is going great! My cock is growing longer and thicker! Almost every day since I started the program my wife has been wanting me more and more..I am very pleased with the results so far..and so is she.”

~ J. Hubbard

“I’ve added ¼” in length and ½” in girth!”

I'm just starting week three this week and between the exercises and the rest days I feel much more confident as I can tell my dick is getting bigger. I've added a 1/4" inch in length and 1/2" in girth!

~ Arthur V.

“We are swingers. I need it to perform…”

“I am in week 8 and started at 5 1/2 long 4 3/4 around inches on 10 July 2023 and was at 6 long 5 1/2 around inches on 4 August 2023. I have been using the Peruvian recipe on the site as well. I am still doing the exercises and still optimistic that it will keep growing. My wife knows I have been stretching but she does not know the reason for it and I seem to be getting a little more control. I am going to tell her when she can clearly see and feel the difference. Keeping it up and lasting longer is very important to me. See we are swingers. So I need to be able to perform in different situations and possibly with people watching. So being able to get it up quickly, easily and it being bigger and lasting longer is important to me. And we are having a party in a couple a weeks. So I'm hoping the growth will be more impressive by then.”

~ Robert

“I’m now 8” and growing”

“Yes, yes, yes. I'm now 8" and growing. I was 5.5 when I started. I'm thicker too, and I'm proud of how I wake up erect, huge, and ready. I can reach past my navel with it, and the length from groin to navel is 8" at least. So thankyou for restoring my confidence, and my wife loves it too 5 times weekly.”

~ Leonard H.

“Feeling the thickness down there…”

“The program is great. I’m already seeing the results and feeling the thickness down there which is good makes me walk more confidently, knowing I am getting big.”

~ Martin

“I’ve gained almost 3 inches!”

“Hey Ryan, I got to say I was skeptical about trying the Growth Matrix program not sure really what to expect but after trying it within the first two weeks I've noticed a difference saying about a half inch growth so was quite surprised and kept going faithfully and now being on this program a couple months I'm proud to say I've gained almost 3 inches and looking forward to seeing maybe another 2 or 3 inches and then going to town on all my possible potential partners. I don't know who is skeptical about this and tired of feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their Manhood but I definitely recommend this program of Ryan's Growth Matrix.”

~ Anonymous

“Improved thickness and length in under 3 weeks!”

“Improved thickness and length in under 3 weeks. Confidence and stamina increased as well! Resulted in two very surprised and satisfied FWB’s in their early to mid 30’s. Not bad for a 58 year old!!! Thanks Ryan!"

~ S. Strub

“My wife says I am hitting spots I never have before!”

“Had this one month and I have increased in length and size. My wife says I am hitting spots I never have before!!! Also, my erections are like so hard they almost hurt!! So far so great!! Oh and I am 55 yo.”

~ Zak Willis

“I almost feel like you saved my life!”

“So. A year ago I started looking into everything and anything to help me get even just a little growth watching heaps of porn thinking how on earth does people have such massive dicks. When me being 6.3ft and such a small 4" penis at max erect. On a cold day it would almost disappear.Then I came across the growth matrix. This is amazing if only I started this 15 years ago my god have I missed out now that I know. If u know what I mean. I can't believe these techniques are actually working. I'm so dedicated to it now it's like my new religion haha. If only my exe new would possibly still have her but nevermind. The growth matrix is kinda like going threw an adults puberty. I could almost say this is the best thing I've ever done for myself I absolutely love pussy. I could eat a clean one for days now I can actually thrust my cock in one ohh my god it's like a new lease on life. I will complete the program and probably do it again and again. I am so so grateful and it's only the beginning. I almost feel like you have saved my life. Thank you so very much”

~ Dane G.

“It is working. My wife has told me.”

“Yes it is working. My wife has told me. I have noticed the girth which is good. The length is a bit slower but it is happening.”

~ Clay L.

“Started to see growth in about two weeks…”

“I bought the growth matrix program a couple months ago and started to see growth in about two weeks. I am very satisfied but unfortunately I am single. But with this program I am confident that my future partner will be satisfied.”

~ Dylan

“My girlfriend loves that I’m doing this for her pleasure”

“I'm just starting my 3rd week on the program and I find it easy and rewarding. As of today I've gained about ½ inch of length and a ¼ of girth. My girlfriend loves that I'm doing this for her pleasure, we've had some great morning sex afterwards.”

~ Joseph M

“I can’t wait to see how big I get!”

“Simply put, I cannot just sit on the toilet and more, I have to hold my friend in my hand because it falls into the water because of your program! The thickness is there also. And I can prepare myself to get a bit more out when I am going into action. It is a marvelous training.”

~ Anonymous

“Worked right from the start!”

No girl at this time but when I do she should be very happy. Thanks for the growth matrix size length thickness the program worked right from the start. Tried the smoothie too and it is awesome. In my opinion WTS is the place to be to expand your knowledge ! Can’t thank you enough

~ Anonymous

“A noticeable size improvement is apparent!”

“I glanced at the program and then, most unfortunately, deleted it by mistake along with a pack of junk adjacent to it, so I have been stretching and pulling every way I could think of ever since. Your suggestions were, or must have been, in there along with all manner of stretching elongations, for, lo and behold, a noticeable size improvement is apparent. Sadly I will have no chance to prove it in the erection stage as I am currently laid up and have been for some time, months, now. But even at 92 years old, at least hope still springs! Thanx.”

~ Ed C.

“Can’t wait to see a couple months from now!”

“Only been 2 weeks so far but def have much more erections and looks much veiner and sits little plumper when flacid and girthier when hard! Can't wait to see couple months from now.”

~ King Cardo

“I’ve gained two full inches!”

“Thanks for helping me achieve much more control over my cock, from getting bigger, to lasting longer. I've gained two full inches, added one inch of girth, and I can now last rock hard for over an hour. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks again!”

~ 5 Star Life

“Improved my confidence let alone my sex life!”

“The program has helped improve my confidence let alone my sex life. I don’t even mind getting naked and going for a swim in my pool”

~ Anonymous